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Your technology and product offerings evolve, so you feel like the next big project is just around the corner after you have just finished a technology sprint?

Awareness and furthermore credibility are essential for any business, you have to stand out of the crowd. For customers or users, it has to be clear what you stand for and they have to have a clear reason why they choose your product over others. Are you getting left behind?

This is where we come in to change your game.

High-intensity and hands-on

As an innovator, whether you are setting up or scaling a company, transforming a business or aiming to create an impact in a large enterprise, we know your time is scarce. That’s why we have designed our services to deliver as much value as possible in a short amount of time. 

With our understanding of new technology (specifically blockchain technology) as well as our extensive combined experience with business, marketing, branding and innovation we can help your company kick-start or grow. 


We help any blockchain innovator to become more successful and help them with product design, defining new business models, branding & partnerships


Our standard workshops allow you to learn and create actual value for your company or project in a short amount of time.


We use our knowledge & experience in business, technology, innovation and branding to deliver value to any project you have in mind.


We have teamed up with several parties in Amsterdam to develop a dedicated blockchain education and incubator program!

Our workshops

mistudio offers several targeted marketing and innovation workshops to help blockchain innovators get a head start.

“Using a structured and high intensity approach, anyone walks away with a solid brand strategy in an incredibly short amount of time and you will receive a professional toolkit that allows you to execute those plans.”

Branding Bootcamp

We help you to identify your key branding and marketing drivers and work on your marketing plan for the next 1-2 months. All of this for only 2 days of your time!

Inspiration Day

A day filled with new insights about innovation, trends & technologies relevant to your industry. We can even invite relevant parties to pitch for you.

New Venture Studio

We take you through the process of understanding opportunities, generating ideas, selecting the good ones and design an MVP to test with your customers.

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We work with enterprises, startups/ scaleups as well as professionals


  • Innovation within enterprises has its unique challenges. It involves high complexity. By offering in-company packages, we can work with your team only and zoom into the specific problems you have.
  • We mostly work for c-level executives, business leaders, or corporate innovation departments. During our workshops, we prefer to work with a multi-disciplinary team of innovators, business/ product managers, and marketers.

Start- & Scale-ups

  • Startups and scaleups are confronted by their own specific challenges, especially when working in/ with new technology fields. With our understanding of new technology (specifically blockchain technology) as well as our extensive combined experience with business, marketing, branding, and innovation, we can help your company kick-start or grow. Your time is scarce. Our structured and high-intensity approach creates results in an incredibly short amount of time. A professional toolkit helps you to execute without the need of adding expensive permanent headcount.​
  • We work with the founding team or product & sales teams (scaleups).


  • Professionals who are trying to reform or innovate their current area of work. Are you asked to work on innovation projects using new and sophisticated technologies (like blockchain technology)? We provide you with not only additional knowledge about these technologies but also a sparring partner to step up your game. Besides that, you will draw inspiration from other workshop participants as well.
  • We work with any professional working on new or innovative products/ services and projects from marketing to project or innovation managers.

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Why mistudio?

mistudio exists because we have seen that growing companies today need and want high-quality work with quick results. We firmly believe that by combining the right knowledge, experience and network we can bring results fast. Our structured approach allows your team to generate new ideas, solutions and strategy in a short amount of time. 

Besides that our experience with blockchain technology from a variety of angles and in many different industries allows us to quickly add value to any project. Over the years we have generated a vast (international) network that we always are looking to extend and are happy to connect to each other when that is relevant!


Berit Fuss


Always working on the edge of business & technology has allowed me to work with many new technologies, changing business models and bring small and large programs from zero to one in a diverse range of environments.

I mostly help companies innovate, from strategy to execution of experiments or work with startups on their growth, partnership strategies and business development. Finally, I thrive when I can make relevant introductions and bring people and partners together behind a vision, create a strategy and execute upon it.

Katharina Koeck


During my international and multidisciplinary career, I have developed a profile in strategy development & implementation, brand & marketing planning and execution as well as business development and general management of business areas.

I develop strategies, help companies to conquer new territories and push them into new spaces towards the relevant audience. My focus areas are: Blockchain Marketing, Grow your Brand, Venture Coaching and Strategy.